Kaiju Tan x Splurrt - "SURGERY" edition CadaverTwins lottery launched!!!

Who's ready to sink their teeth into the creepy side of things?!?! Well, when Splurrt and Kaiju Tan team up, you know things are going to get weird and that's exactly what we are here to announce, the lottery of the "SURGERY" edition CadaverTwins! Sporting a flurry of awesome sprays along with custom punched hair and fitted with eyes, there will be a total of 13 pieces up for grabs, 8 will be released via lottery and the rest will be at Wonderland Festival 2017 (Japan). To get in on the lottery action, email kkaaiijjuuttaann@gmail.com this info: Name • Instagram ID • Address • Country • Telephone • PayPal account. If picked, you will be notified and then you will have an invoice for $220 sent to you... if you dig em, best of luck trying to snag em!

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