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Gargamel's 2017 Lucky Bags Releasing from Super7!

The annual Japanese tradition of Fukubukuro is when many Japanese retailers compile their old merchandise together, creating specially price "grab bags" for fans to enjoy. This occurrence became even more special for kaiju collectors, as many producers and artists began compiling rare prototypes, test pulls, hand-painted versions, and even exclusive colorways together to form their own "Lucky Bugs". And if you weren't lucky enough to secure your Gargamel produced "2017 Lucky Bag" directly from the source, then fear not… Super7 have your back. With very few of these available, each one contains a total of eight pieces spread among the various sizes, from the standard- or full-size all the way down to micros as well as everything in-between. And while the historically true $300 price tag might seem steep to some, those that still lust after the elusive PigPigMan will know what is at stake! While not much as been revealed so far, we do know that the Zodiac-based figure tradition continues and there is a "Rooster" rendition in some bags! Available from the Super7 online shop on Friday, February 3rd, 2017, there is no specified release time but we imagine it will be 12pm Pacific time.

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