Black Seed's "Omamori" Shrine Monstrosity Coming Very Soon!

Designer and sculptor Kenneth Tang of <a href=" www.facebook.com="" />Black Seed reveals his newest monstrosity, "御守龍" ("Omamori"), and it is absolutely stunning! Named after the Japanese amulets, charms, and/or talismans that are commonly sold at religious sites, the term "Omamori" properly means "to protect" and that's exactly what this two-headed kaiju does… It protects the shrine that is housed on its back. Standing 11-inches tall in its most basic form, the shrine is modular and can be expanded in height (as shown above)! Making its debut at this weekend's Super Festival 73 from Booth E2/E3, there will only be 5 base bodies available in this special initial release… but we have our fingers crossed that this creature with illuminating eyes will be released more widely soon!

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