"Alice" Mega Kidrobot Dunny custom by 64 Colors!!!

WOAH!!! Check out this AMAZING custom Dunny from 64 Colors! Titled "Alice", this custom commissioned piece has a particular theme that the collector had in mind, and painted up with an insane amount of detail, 64 Colors delivered one stellar looking custom! Utilizing the "Reyna" 20-inch Dunny by Otto Bjornik, every square inch of this piece is covered in paint... and the theme is so great! We love the stomach of the piece, showing Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, the caterpillar and cat on the ears, the wooden crown... just stunning!

Oh, and if that photo isn't enough for you to drool over, check out the video above showing the entire piece... we really can't say enough about this! If you want your very own custom from 64 Colors, hit them up on their site HERE!

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