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Skinner x Unbox - "Order of the Black Shell Demon"... closer look!

2017 will bring some awesome ideas, figures, and concepts to fruition... and we can't wait to see what is in store for us. That being said, one pair of creatives that we will be keeping a close eye on will be Skinner and the folks over at Unbox... case in point, that amazing looking figure that you see above!!! Tentatively, Skinner is calling him "Order of the Black Shell Demon"... the perfect name for such a wicked looking character! We dug a little deeper and Skinner had this to say about the project "It was potentially for a secret Ninja Turtle project but the versions I turned in were deemed too evil so Dan offered up the idea of us continuing down the path of darkness and had me imagine a bunch of new mad max style animal demon spirits and we got a few going"... can you say EPIC?!?!

The detail on the figure is insane, so much of it is so organic... we love examining every nook and crevasse! The figure will be produced around the 8"-9" tall range... a nice size and from the looks of it, multiple points of articulation! There is no real word on when we will see production on these or when they will be ready, but Skinner also tells us "I'm learning that my most interesting projects and concepts be it, animation, toys, writing, and illustrations come from situations where the stuff I've done is too much. Goes too far or stretches the comfort zones of too many people and become my favorite endeavors. I just do them myself or hook up with someone with the daring or vision of Dan from Unbox. This toy is another version of that scenario taking place. Very stoked!" We are very excited about this as well... and as we find out more details, you all will be the first to know!

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