Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura's "Modern Poodle" Set & "Albino Topsy Turvy Croc" Figure!

This "Modern Poodle" has the stylish haircut and resides near an abstract sculpture, so you know that artists Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura must've titled it right! Hand-cast in resin from an original sculpt, the "Poodle" part of this set measures 4½ × 1½ × 3 inches. Limited to 25 handpainted sets, these are available right now in the myswitcheroo online shop for $90 per set, and they are joined by a second release…

Yes, the return of the "Topsy Turvy Croc" character! This almost Disney-esque rendition of Visell's original design stands 2¾-inches tall, with each of these 15 "Albino" versions hand-painted on the resin base by the artists. Available now from Visell's myswitcheroo online shop for only $40 apiece, I'm actually surprised any remain available for me to even write about.

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