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Mike Leavitt's "Stanley Kubrick, A Shinework Odyssey" Statuette!

Poor Stanley Kubrick… Reimagined through the gaze of pop artist Mike Leavitt, Kubrick's entire identity if relinquished to his films, aspects of notable characters overtaking him… The Shining transgenders him, Hal's all-seeing eye welds itself to his chest, and the hairs of ancient apes erupt from his arms and legs, desiring to worship some massive obelisk that has fallen to earth. This hairy female robot version of Kubrick grips to reality the only way he can, with a jelly donut stolen from Full Metal Jacket, but that doesn't stop him from adorning some A Clockwork Orange makeup to try and alter his vision… Having debuted the design at Leavitt's King Cuts exhibition, the above-pictured 3D printed version is modeled directly off of the 2-foot tall wooden original. Limited to 100 pieces, this 5-inch tall full-color sandstone 3D printed version is available now from Leavitt's Shapeways shop for the insanely low prices of $59 apiece (+$10 if coating is desired)!

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