Huck Gee's "Lapin Noir - Le Mystique" Bunny Sorcerer with Spellbook & Potions!

The newest addition to Huck Gee's Dapper Little Scoundrels world is the pictured "Lapin Noir - Le Mystique." The title, which is in French, means "Black Rabbit - The Mystic," which is apt given the teaser pictures… a brown bunny with staff, spellbook, and potions. Finished with a medieval-style cowl over its head, this roughly 9½-inch tall resin figure is beautiful. Made using Gee's "The Blank" figure base, we've previously seen this rabbit-headed version HERE & HERE, and it looks like it might be an ongoing character in his new universe…
Most likely limited to 10 handmade and handpainted pieces, "Lapin Noir - Le Mystique" seems like it will be available today! Those interested in obtaining one should be expected to pay around $850 (based on similar past pieces) and prepare for an F5 battle to get one in their shopping cart. Gee will announce more information as well as the release details through his newsletter, which you can sign up for at the bottom of his website's main page.

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