Hey Cunni, is that a vagina on your forehead or are you just happy to see me?

While this alien beast is posed like a sad bear, its back arched and head downwards, one can't help but notice the vaguely vagina-shaped indentation on the brow of "Cunni," as the creature is called. Created by artist Andy Kurovets and released under his Castbreeder identity, this 3¾ × 2⅙ × 2⅙ inch work has been sculpted, cast in resin, and airbrush painted by the artist. Depicting a pleasure beast from another world, the smooth & clean lines of "Cunni" appear perfectly executed, though it does appear that the front legs — at least — are cast as one part without separation. Of course, who's to say that isn't how this alien's anatomy should look! Limited to 100 pieces in this original edition, the first 50 were supposed to be available for early purchase starting December 5th, 2016… but they actually seem available now from the Castbreeder online shop for $96 apiece.

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