Well, this happened: Damien Hirst's "Myth & Legend" Porcelain Sculptures…

To be fair, I've never really been a fan of British conceptual artist Damien Hirst; while I definitely have a morbid side to my artistic appetites, I've never really sensed the soul within Hirst's work. Regardless, I do recognize that many others are fascinated by his pieces, so… without further ado, we present Hirst's "Myth" and "Legend" porcelain sculptures, smaller recreations of the artist's bronze sculptures of the same titles, depicting anatomical cross-sections of a unicorn and a winged horse. Handcrafted by the renowned Nymphenburg Porcelain Makers in Munich, these are limited to 20 signed pieces of each design. Residing upon 16×6 inch bases, "Myth" stands roughly 16-inches tall while "Legend" is 23-inches tall. Currently available strictly as a set from Other Criteria, the duo costs £67,000 (approx. $82,246). Come February 2017, "Myth" and "Legend" will be available individually, assuming copies remain unsold, for £33,000 (approx. $40,507) and £40,000 (approx. $49,099) respectively.

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