Scott Tolleson x SeriouslySillyK - Custom Kidrobot "KRampus" Dunny for NYCC 2016!

We gave you all a sneak peek HERE last week of the amazing KRampus Dunny that Scott Tolleson and SeriouslySillyK were working on for the NYCC DTA Dunny Show, well... this beast is now painted up and looking fresh as hell! SSK's superior sculpting skill really shine through with Scott's paint application... and you just gotta love that magnetized wood barrel with that child inside... so amazing!

Standing 5" tall, this BEAST will be up for grabs at the NYCC DTA Dunny Show for $1200, and for those of you who have the scratch to pick it up... you won't be disappointed. Hopefully Kidrobot takes note of this and utilizes this design for a possible production piece... maybe next years Christmas Dunny?!?! A boy can dream... if that does happen, it will make this custom even more special!

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