REVEALED: JUBI × Unbox Industries's "The Gigantic Crab Kaiju!"

Taiwanese game art designer JUBI shares with us images of his designer toy outing with Unbox Industries, 「超蟹怪獣」— or "The Gigantic Crab Kaiju!" Standing roughly 6-inches tall, we're guessing he's about 10-inches wide when arms are outstretched as below. And it is our understanding that claws are hyper-articulated, allowing for a wide range of movement and even having pincers that open! With its non-articulating legs positioned against its chest, I love how this grants an element reminiscent of Pigumon without being restricted by trying to mimic that kaiju's form — and, of course, that mouth is pure Pigumon glory as well! Set to be released in Unbox's online shop in December of this year, we hope a copy or two might appear at DesignerCon first…

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