Joey Spiotto × Wetworks's "Alien Next Door" Work-in-Progress Sculpture!

If you're familiar with Joey Spiotto's Alien Next Door, then you've probably already fallen in love with the adorable Xenomorph and his cat, Jonesy. Obviously, artist Carlo Cacho, aka Wetworks, is a fan of the book as he has challenged himself to turn the instantly iconic cover image into a sculptural work! Shown below in its work-in-progress state, this "Alien Next Door" sculpture is roughly 6-inches tall and made from epoxy putty. At this point, Cacho has stated this work is for his private collection, with no intention to reproduce the result in resin, but perhaps we can change his mind… Anyone fancy contacting Spiotto, directing him to this post, and trying to put him in contact with Cacho to try and sort the rights for a release version?

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