Bask in the glow of Skinner and Wonder Goblin exclusives for DesignerCon 2016!!!

James Sizemore and his crew over at Wonder Goblin are stoked to announce another collaboration with Skinner for a new 'Fungoid Man' colorway that's hitting DesignerCon exclusively this year! The "Muscaria" edition is a micro-run of 10... and each is hand cast in high-quality solid urethane resin, glows under blacklight, and arm-ticulated, and they all come with a signed print from Skinner that is bagged with a big header card. These will retail for $250 each. There will also be "Glitter Blacklight" Fungoid Man that are hand cast and painted for $150 each that will be sold there... keep those eyes peeled!

Also, this amazing looking thangamajig isn't a collaboration, but just an original toy James has been working on for the past several months called 'Queen Hagopuss'. She's also going to be there as an exclusive to Dcon and micro-run of only 10. She's a fat 10" tall, cast in high-quality solid urethane resin, paint job glows under blacklight, articulated at 8 points, and comes with 2 Baby Hagopusses and a vinyl sticker... SO AWESOME! These will retail for $300 a pop and can be found at booth #1106!!! For more sneak peeks and info, be sure to follow them on Instagram HERE... you won't be sorry!!

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