AVAILABLE NOW: Casey Weldon × threeA's "Kittypillar" Vinyl Figure!

(Post-)pop surrealist Casey Weldon brings his melancholic and often humorous interpretation of modern pop culture to the world of vinyl toys courtesy of threeA, specifically Weldon's work known for depicting cats in various altered forms… such as the "Kittypillar!" Inspired by Weldon's fine art paintings of eerie and adorable bugged out felines, this new figure series brings the charming creatures to three-dimensional life! Each standing 8-inches tall, these vinyl works feature four points of articulation — the head and three rotating body segments. Debuting with two versions, the above-pictured "The Bombay Kittypillar" is appropriate for these Autumn evenings, their dark bodies blending them into moonless nights though their glow-in-the-dark eyes keep them from disappearing completely. On the other hand, the below-pictured "The Chartreux Kittypillar" is much more traditional looking in coloration, though lacks the extra shine of the Bombay's eyes. Available now from the Bambaland online shop, these works are $89 apiece.

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