Alex Pardee × Mighty Jaxx's "The BackPack" Revealed & Available Tomorrow!

On the distant planet of Yux, the highly intelligent blue being known as Pack became obsessed with dirt, studying the various types of soil while deducting where buried treasures may lie. Due to his lack strength, however, Pack was limited in his ability to dig alone. Around the same time, on the opposite end of Yux, another lonely treasure hunter, the pink creature known as Back, who weilded mighty strength and loved eating dirt but wasn't very adept at figuring out exactly where to dig. While scouring the shores of a poisonous bog, Pack and Back crossed paths and became quick friends over their shared admiration for soil. From then on, the duo shared their passion and formed a singular unit known as… The BackPack!
We'd previously teased this Alex Pardee designed piece, and now it is ready for release from Mighty Jaxx! Available tomorrow (October 29th, 2016) at 7am Pacific time in the Mighty Jaxx online store, we know these will be limited to an edition of 200 pieces though the price of each is currently undisclosed.

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