REVEALED: Jason Freeny & Mighty Jaxx's "XXRay" Justice League, Wave 5!

Furtering their interpretations of DC Comics's Justice League of America members, Mighty Jaxx have unveiled the fifth wave of their officially licensed pieces in the JLA "XXRay" line. Depicting Shazam, Batman: Yellow Lantern, and Hawkgirl, each of these 4-inch tall PVC pieces has been designed in a cartoonish manner by illustrator Ben Qwek and sculptor Adam Tan with the quarter-cut dissection element courtesy of Jason Freeny. Not scheduled for release until February of 2017, we can still marvel at these works now…
The young boy named Billy Batson, who transforms into a superhuman man by speaking the magic word "Shazam," has a strange history. Published by Fawcett Comics for just over a decade starting in 1940, the adventures of Captain Marvel, who is also known as Shazam, were the highest selling comic books of the time, outselling even Superman. Acquiring the rights in the early '70s, DC Comics brought the character into their universe, making him a guest in the JLA from time to time until he became a regular member in the late '80s and he was re-introduced into The New 52 universe through back-up features in Justice League.
Batman's ability to instill fear is legendary, even to some alien races, so when Green Lantern's nemesis Sinestro — whose yellow ring works on fear like the green one does on willpower — was looking to create his own "Sinestro Corps," it was a no-brainer to invite Batman. Rejected by the Dark Knight, the image of a Yellow Lantern Batman remained a barely glimpsed bit of coolness… that is until the 2013–2014 crossover Forever Evil, when Batman dons the Sinestro Corps power ring to stop an evil, alternative universe version of Green Lantern.
A classic member of the Justice League, Hawkgirl is the final member of "XXRay, Wave 5." One of the first female superheroes in comic books, her most modern incarnation — Kendra Saunders — is probably best known to fans through The CW television shows Green Lantern and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. To be honest, given the convoluted history of the character, watching those shows is as good an explanation of the character as any other…

[Images and some information courtesy of Collect & Display.]

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