Bat Lowfool takes "The Final Ride" from Fools Paraside… Available Now!

Well, the previously teased "The Final Ride" piece from Fools Paradise doesn't include Keiko Cat as we'd hoped, but it is so much better! Using the massive Bat Lowfool figure from the "I won't be a hero, Tim" sets, though resculpted in a standing position, he gazes downward at a quarter in his oversized mitt and stands before a — relatively — diminuative coin-operated ride depiction of the Tumbler version of the Batmobile from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins trilogy. A massive mixture of parts cast in vinyl, PVC, ABS, and resin, this figure even includes a cape made of cloth! Not officially listed as part of the "Coin Rides Game" series, we sincerely hope this isn't actually the final one… Limited to 398 pieces worldwide, these are available to preorder now from the Fools Paradise website for $295 apiece… though a small number of them will be onhand at the upcoming Taipei Toy Festival.

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