The Exorcist Meets Star Wars?!? It's The Nextlordsith by Dead Greedy!

It's funny to see this release, with its packaging inspired by The Exorcist film, only hours after I watched the new Fox television series. And just like how the show cast new people in the roles of the old priest and the new one, Dead Greedy reimagines Darth Vader in papal attire, prepared to cast forth the evils that plague poor ol' Jar Jar Binks… Now, I wish the resin Kenner-sized bootleg action figure included the demonically inhabited Jar Jar and made a diorama of it, but we have to settle for "The Nextlordsith" as this piece is titled. Limited to 5 hand-cast and hand-painted figures, these are available now from the Craptastic Plastic eBay store for $50 apiece.

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