Igor Ventura's "Prankish Knight" Custom Dunnys for his "Art Of War Rejects!"

Joining the previously revealed "Wobbly Dunny," Igor Ventura reveals a second design for his "Art Of War Rejects" blind boxed series. Titled "Prankish Knight," this beautifully painted piece has all the tight lines and perfect forms we've come to expect from Ventura… I mean, just look at the depth his paint application grants to the mouth area. Wonderfully executed! And the tiny accessory items — paper hat, tin shield, and cardboard-looking sword — capture the concept of a little kid prepared to play warrior! With this series featuring designs submitted to — and rejected from — Kidrobot's 2014 "Art of War" Dunny series, these won't be available until November's DesignerCon, when they can be found at the Martian Toys booth.

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