Pushead × Hirota Saigansho's "Mecha Gorilla-ju: Itamu (Copper)" Released!

Hirota Saigansho's owner, Yasuaki Hirota, introduced his "Gorilla-ju" (ゴリラ獣, literally Gorilla Beast) in 2009, following it up in 2011 with the 10½-inch tall "Mecha Gorilla-ju" which evolved again in 2014 through a collaboration with Pushead into "Itamu" (痛む, Damaged). Yesterday, H×S announced the pictured "Copper Edition" colorway of the battered beast, each copy cast in soft Japanese vinyl infused with copper powder to resemble Japan's beautiful ¥10 coin. Hand-painted with discoloration and given a patina, the final touch was accelerating rusting on the actual metal wire connecting the dislocated hand to the arm… Limited to 50 pieces worldwide, each set came complete with a copper plated badge and mini poster made to resemble an old fashioned treasure map. To be clear, the lottery for this is over and complete, no new entries are being accepted; but we are thrilled to at least show off this work for posterity.

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