Little Rubber Guys x Retroband x Zectron - "GID Swirl" Gristle exclusive!!!

5" from tail to snout of pure unbridled awesomeness... the folks over at Little Rubber Guys have teamed up with Retroband and Zectron to release a special exclusive version of "Gristle"! Each figure is uniquely marbled by the magical wizards at Unbox Industries... no two are exactly the same. It took three colors to create these beautiful meaty beasts... Two are fairly obvious, the third one is gorgeous blue glow. Designed by Retroband and Zectron and masterfully sculpted by the latter, each figure comes packaged in a polybag with Stunning Header Art drawn by Zectron and colored by WorthyEnemies! These "GID Swirl" Gristle exclusives will be up for grabs HERE this coming Saturday, September 3rd at 10am PST for $80 a pop!

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