Instinctoy reveals new "Rainbow" Mini-Mucky's for STGCC 2016!!!

STGCC 2016 in Singapore continues to be a premiere destination for designer toy fans... and Instinctoy is one of the main reasons as they are releasing some amazing exclusives! The two rainbow colors you see above were very popular colors in the Muckey series... and now, they have remade the same colorways with the Mini-Muckey (see the size comparison in the photo above). The size is smaller, and in addition, it comes with two teeth designs (open and closed). Of course, the mini-sized Muckey's have a rainbow glow-in-the-dark effect, just like the general-sized rainbow Muckey... so awesome! No word on how many will be available or for how much, but for those of you attending... snag them up as soon as you can, these are a hot ticket!

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