Igor Ventura's "Joker" Custom Android for his Series 6 AP Set!

In addition to the "King" & "Queen" playing card inspired designs by Igor Ventura, the production pieces we previously revealed, it appears that Ventura also submitted a "Joker" design. While not going into production, the artist has hand-painted a small number of 3-inch tall Android figures with the pattern. An exercise in tight lines, showing off even spacing and minimal feathering, Ventura's clean paint application is only overshadowed by the wonderfully made accessories, in the form of the Jester cap and wand. Made as a compliment for the production pieces, these will be available as part of Ventura's Artist Proof (AP) sets for his Android, Series 6 release. With release details being announced soon, those interested should follow Ventura's Instagram feed for updates.

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