Huck Gee × Mighty Jaxx's "Gold Life, Series 1": "Raku Day," "Raku Night" & "Soul Collector!"

We're looking forward to Huck Gee's "Gold Life" series from Mighty Jaxx since it was first revealed, and now the time for their release is upon us! Reinterpretations of Gee's wandering warrior raccoon "Raku Day," his "Skullhead" design reborn as the "Soul Collector," and the raccoon donned in ninja garb "Raku Night" characters, all reinvented on Gee's modern "The Blank" figure's body style. These three pieces will debut on the MightyJaxx.Rocks website on September 3rd, 2016 at 7am Pacific time for an undisclosed sum apiece. These look so good that they take the sting out of us missing the STGCC exclusive "Soul Collector (Shadow Version)"…

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