Brett Kern's Inflatable Toy Dinosaur Sculptures in Ceramics!

West Virginia-based ceramicist Brett Kern has applied a unique concept to his clay creations: making the likeness of inflatable toys out of slip cast ceramics! Reminiscent of Jeff Koons's inflatable toy creations, Kern's pieces encompass a bevy of characters but of particular note are his dinosaur-shaped forms (as pictured). Wonderfully capturing the feel of an inflatable piece, including the ghastly seamline, Kern's massive pieces are as memorable as they are adorable. Currently available are the below-pictured "Medium Brachiosaurus Green" (14½ × 12 × 6 in., $400) and "Tyrannosaurus Rex" (15½ × 13 × 8 in., $600), both listed in his Etsy shop. And yes, the inflatable spout is finished with a gold luster, nicely seperating it from the commercial glaze coated body.

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