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Tara McPherson's New Sofubi Art Toy from Circus Posterus?!? Oh, yes!

Quietly snuck into her interview for the current issue of Clutter Magazine, pop surrealist Tara McPherson announced an "in progress" return to the designer toy world. Why now? "The only reason this is the first toy [of mine] since 2012," said McPherson, "is simply because Circus Posterus is the first company to ask me to do my own original design since then." Coming about when Circus Posterus owners Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas approached her "a little over two years ago," this is slated to be McPherson's first sofubi (Japanese soft vinyl) figure. The fact that it is being cast in sofubi certainly implies the involvement of frequent CP partners Tomenosuke, who produce Circus Posterus's sofubi mini-figures currently.
While this stunning new character creation "doesn't have a name yet and is still in the sculpting phase," McPherson does specify that she is "an updated version of a character of mine." Fans of McPherson's work should recognize her, as she is an evolution of the below pictured Flying Unicorn Girl (2006), an illustration used for a Shonen Knife album cover, and the painted version, Lost Constellations (2008). With a strange mixture of a unicorn and seahorse traversing through her, this character will look stunning in sofubi… especially since the material will allow for the "seahorsicorn" to be easily removed, revealing McPherson's reoccuring "hole through the chest" concept. While we await further updates on this project, McPherson does inform us that this art toy release "will have rhinestones!"

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