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Erick Scarecrow's "Little Spiker (Clear Purple)" Resin Figure from ESC Toy!

ESC Toy mastermind Erick Scarecrow has always been a forward thinker, especially when it came to pioneering the ultra-limited, perfectly executed resin designer toy, embracing this molded sculpture medium back when it was synonymous with bootlegs and basement-brewed releases. So it is always noteworthy when he releases a new work, or — as in this case — brings back a true classic from his vaults. "Little Spiker," who debuted in 2012, is offered anew in this "Clear Purple" edition, with both the 6-inch tall character and her 3-inch tall spiked bat accessory being cast in transparent purple resin and hand-painted with color fades and crisp details. Limited to only 10 pieces worldwide, these are available now in the ESC Toy online shop for $75 each.

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