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A French Bulldog on Coffee?!? Paulus Hyu × Kurobokan’s "Daydream (Nimbus) — Black!"

While Paulus Hyu's iconic sleeping French Bulldog design, "Daydream (Nimbus)," is best known for his cartoonishly closed eyes depiction, this new "Black version" includes a "Puffy Eyes" variant chase… which might be explained by their being packaged in takeout coffee cups, a concept that they are lovingly calling "blind cupped." Yes, "Nimbus" is either not getting enough caffeine and enjoying some sleep or he's downed an entire cup and is deprived of his favorite activity! These 3½-inch long and 2-inch tall vinyl figures are limited to a total of 300 "blind cups" worldwide, which will be available on July 30th, 2016 at 10pm Pacific time in Kurobokan's online shop for only $25 apiece.

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