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When Original & Production Collide… Squink!'s "The Dreamer - Dunny Version!"

Having debuted back in 2013, Squink's "The Dreamer" original resin sculpture is returning, though in a more familiar form: the Dunny. By sculpting an original head and casting it in resin, Squink transforms the 3-inch tall vinyl figure into the likeness of his "The Dreamer" creation! Aptly titled "The Dreamer - Dunny Version," the simple addition of a resin head to the production body wasn't enough to create the transformation, so the artist also crafted a base — usable by any standard Dunny — that has also been cast in resin. With the finished form assembled, as pictured above, Squink is preparing to start hand-painting them in micro-runs. We understand that the first run of five should be available in a week or two, with several future color editions already in the planning. Make sure you follow Squink on Instagram to be kept up-to-date on this release.

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