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twelveDot × Kidrobot's "Incognito" Dunny is NOT a frog! It's a…

When we first reported on the two versions of the twelveDot Dunny figure that Kidrobot were producing to honor the Designer Toy Awards winning Break-through Artist, we couldn't properly see what the design was. Since The Black Spot began taking preorders for the piece though, we're shocked by the blogs that have reported on it but haven't really looked at it… because the design is obvious: it's a ladybug or similar insect disguising itself as an APO frog! With paint applications and even translucent spotted wings, this 5-inch vinyl Dunny comes with headpiece and handheld accessories to mimic the look of the designer's popular APO frog figures. And the title of the piece, "Incognito," really supports this design, as the word means "having one's true identity concealed."
Limited to 1000 pieces in at least the blue colorway, it is unclear if the previously teased black version is a chase, alternate colorway, or exclusive release edition. The Black Spot have it priced at €45 (approx. $50), which seems like a leap for the previously $29.99 platform at this size, but we expect a lot of that is the cost of this foreign company importing it… we're guessing it will come in at $34.99 and be released in November or December of this year. Or, I should say, released worldwide then. We expect that this will have pre-release (or an exclusive colorway) available at this year's New York Comic Con to celebrate the annual Designer Toy Awards.

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