Splurrt debuts his Masterworks Line with… a MASSIVE "Cadaver Kid!"

This October marks the five year anniversary of the "Cadaver Kid," the zombified creation from Splurrt's Joe Merrill that came out long before horror-themed designer toys were cool. To commemorate not only the figure but also his evolution as an artist, Merrill is revisiting the "Cadaver Kid" sculpt for his new "Splurrt Masterworks" line which will consist of standard-sized (roughly 12-inch tall) Japanese vinyl figure that will feature highly detailed sculpted to make the upscaled size important. Pictured above is the prototype sculpt for the "Splurrt Masterworks: Cadaver Kid," which will hopefully make its debut at this NYCC… very apt, given New York is the hometown and birthplace of both Splurrt and the "Cadaver Kid" design.

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