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"Skeletor" custom Tequila by Rask Opticon!!!

Rask Opticon is back with another awesome custom, and hot off the heels of his recently completed custom "Beastman Unleashed" Tequila (posted HERE), he shares with us the above "Skeletor" custom... on the same Tequila platform! This massive 8" tall figure features ton of sculpted features along with custom made weapon/staff from scratch... so sweet! Rask really does raise the level when it comes to custom figures... he's a master at sculpting and painting and is able to bring his visions to life... and we think you can all agree on that!!! We are guessing this was created for the same private collector as the "Beastman" custom, and if it was... we say in the best Napoleon Dynamite voice, "LUCKY"!

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Unknown said...

Make them and sell them, do trapjaw 😮