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Kyle Kirwan introduces a companion to his Willo: "Bloom!"

Artist Kyle Kirwan expands his fictional universe with the introduction of his 6-inch tall resin "Bloom" pieces. Making their debut in the pictured "Pink Bloom" colorway, we are given some insight into their place in his world's ecology via an excerpt from the faux publication A Casual Study of Large Herbivores of the Portian Peninsula During Late Summer by Stylvus Reed:
Blooms are usually found tagging along around Willos, as they appreciate the safety the Willo herds provide. Blooms share the same diet as Willos and are much faster on their feet and better at finding food so Willos let the little guys lead the way to the good eats. Then of course the Willos shove the Blooms out of the way but it works out in the end.
Limited to an edition of 10 pieces in this version, these handmade and hand-painted pieces will be available on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 from Kirwan's store for $50 apiece.

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