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Kidrobot's "Reindeer Games III: The Rise of Rudolph" Dunny for Christmas 2016!

Yes, Virginia, Kidrobot are bringing back the Holiday Dunny! And, from what we can tell, the above-pictured piece will be this year's Christmas-themed 3-inch tall Dunny. Using the same base design as Chuckboy's classic "Naughty Reindeer" pieces from 2008, including a beefier version of the whip accessory, it also appears to come with an impressive liquor bottle and jungle bell-laden hat, similar to those seen on the Frank Kozik designed "Crusty Dunny" in 2011 and "Grumpy Elf" from 2014 respectively. Apparently titled "Reindeer Games III: The Rise of Rudolph," this definitely feels like the next evolution of Chuckboy's design… while time will tell who the attached artist actually is, the Charles Manson-esque "X" on its forehead does imply Kozik. Per usual for Holiday Dunny releases, we expect this will ship in either October or November of this year and carry a price of around $14.99 apiece.

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