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"Book Uamou: Series 4" released... and It's Blue!!

Uamou recently released the fourth edition of their Book Uamou series! This one is in a beautiful metallic blue. Previous colors have been equally bright such as red, green, gold, bronze, etc but this blue really jumps out! I personally like the book series a lot because of the book shaped windows on the stomach - random snippets of texts in all languages are inside the belly. I also like the way these are released - at random times and secretly at book stores around Tokyo. It certainly makes it more difficult for fans outside the US to procure but I really like that these special editions are going to book lovers at local book stores. It's like a treasure hunt!
When Book Uamou first released it was only seen at one store, but now you can find it at two book stores: Books Sanseido Seibu Ikebukuro and Books Sanseido Tokyo Soramachi. Note you can't purchase online, you have to actually go to the stores. Maybe one day a book edition will be released in the online Uamou shop. One can dream right??

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