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Amanda Louise Spayd x Chris Ryniak x Cardboard Spaceship - SDCC 2016 exclusive "Purple DIY" Thimblestump Hollow mini figures!

Looking to score more of those adorable “Thimblestump Hollow” figures from Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak... well the folks over at Cardboard Spaceship have announced the very special "DIY Purple" edition that features all of these cute little creatures... and they are set to debut at SDCC 2016!!! 5 characters from Amanda and 5 from Chris... Grumblethorn, Slumberguppy, Atticus, Tufflepug, Buckley, Gadabout, Huskyshuffler, Clover, Burblebum, and Pippet... no word on a cost, if you can buy them individually, as a set, or if they will be blind boxed... but expect these to be a hot ticket at SDCC. Snag them up from booth #5638 while supplies last!

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