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2PetalRose's "Shogun Rebel: Hondo (OG Edition)" Coming From Collect & Display!

Following its debut at ToyConUK earlier this year, 2PetalRose is releasing the "OG Edition" of his new "Hondo" figure, part of the "Shogun Rebel" series, through Collect & Display. Made from an original sculpt based on classic dolls, these 12-inch tall resin figurines are each hand cast, hand-painted, and feature a ball-joint head for mobility in display. Speaking of which, there's not much worry of these pieces falling over as the magnetic feet invisibily connect to a metal plate on the wood base!
An assortment of handmade accessories give these samurai characters a bit of an ol' skool Hip Hop, B-Boy inspired vibe. Standing a total of 40cm tall (15¾ inches) with the wood base and samurai flag, each one comes with a ghetto blaster (boombox), katana sword, removable samurai helmet (with VW crest), custom printed bandana, and wide-rimmed, removable glasses! Available on June 24th, 2016 in the Collect & Display shop, these are limited to only 5 pieces worldwide and cost £295 (approx. $430) apiece.

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