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The Jelly Empire × Shlii Kawaii’s “Plush Jellybots” Invasion is Happening NOW!

Back in 2013, artist The Jelly Empire partnered with plush crafter Shlii Kawaii to begin the invasion of the “Jellybot,” an adorable robot programmed for nothing more than adorableness. These massive 9-inch tall 'stuffed animal' pieces were an instant success and continue to sell out within 24 hours of release, though waves of the figures have been rather limited every time due to the massive amount of work it takes to hand make each one. In an effort to make the “Plush Jellybot” more far-reaching, this simple but simply brilliant design is now available on Kickstarter! Through crowd funding, the plush pieces will now be able to manufactured in a factory and thus capable of invading — er, finding their rightful place — in every home. And when you can get one of these massive plushes for yourself, a friend, or a relative for only $25 apiece, how can you pass that up?

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