The "Batbear" Cometh… Luke Chueh × Mighty Jaxx's Resin Bust Releases This Weekend!

Take the immediately recognizable style of lowbrow contemporary artist Luke Chueh and sprinkle in the costume of one of the most iconic superheros of all time, the result being… "Batbear!" Welcome to what happens when Chueh's sad bear character dons the Dark Knight's cowl. With production partner Mighty Jaxx ready to release these 12-inch tall resin busts, people are already clamoring for this limited edition and it will surely sell out fast. Releasing this weekend, probably on Saturday, June 4th, 2016 at 7am Pacific time, those interested in getting one of these designer toy sculptures should subscribe to the Mighty Jaxx newsletter, as release date and time will be confirmed there first.

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