Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key, Modular Synthesizers & Sofubi?!? SuperDeluxe has it all!

Maybe you've heard the name Kaiju -vs- Modular by now and wondered what it is… Taking place at Tokyo's SuperDeluxe, this one day event is exactly what you'd expect by the name: a gathering of indie sofubi creators, modular synthesizer based bands, and tons of fans looking to buy both.

In terms of designer toy makers that will be represented, the marketplace area will have a ton including: Awesome Toy, BLObPUS, Blood Guts Toys, Bukimi Blasters, Fig-Lab, Ghost Cave, Grody Shogun, Guumon, Kearjun, Leo Sofubibouya, Longneck, Miscreation Toys, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, PaulKaiju, Secret Demon Services, Shirahama Toy, Splurrt, Toysbian, Rampage Toys, Terrible Whore, Tkom, Uamou, and Unbox Industries.

But the real highlight, for me, is that electro-industrial pioneer Skinny Puppy’s founding member cEvin Key will be performing live, his one live show of 2016! Other musicians and visual artists taking the stage that night include DJOTO, liquidbiupil, KK NULL, Yousuke Fuyama, Hataken, Mitsuhisa Sakaguchi, Darren Moore, Dave Skipper, Ai Komura, Ethan Drown Hulburt, and… PaulKaiju!

Taking place of Friday, May 13th, 2016 at SuperDeluxe, advance tickets are on sale HERE and HERE, costing ¥3000 apiece. Most toys will be sold at their booths when the doors open at 5PM, but there will be three lotteries throughout the night for certain pieces: the first at 7:30PM, then 8:30PM, and finally 9:30PM, though make sure you stay until the 10:30PM drawing for a random door prize winner!

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