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Andrew Gardner's "Tiny Views Man" brings the Drake meme to miniature life!

It's only been a little over a month since Drake's album Views dropped, the cover to which immediately sparked a meme trend of people photoshopping pictures of the diminutive Drake onto various objects and landmarks. But, of course, people were limited to working with the albums specific angle of the musician… that is, until now! Artist Andrew Gardner has created "Tiny Views Man," a rather Drake-esque looking figurine that stands almost 3-inches tall. This 3D printed piece, offered through Shapeways, isn't what I would call art in-and-upon itself, but it does create an interactive art option for you to take some rather interesting photographs yourself. Noting that this "product is not endorsed by or affiliated with Drake the 6 God (or other area-code-specific deities)," you can purchase your own copy in uncoated full-color sandstone (above, $29.99 each), coated full-color sandstone (below left, $36.99 each), or the 14karat gold-coated version (below right, $500 each).

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