Softoy Hobby's post-ToyCon UK sale!!!

The folks over at Softoy Hobby had an amazing time at ToyCon UK ’16 over the past weekend, catching up with friends, selling toys, and most importantly, picking up a few gems for their own collections! Thankfully to all who couldn’t attend, they held back some select stock that they'll be releasing online next week along with a few leftovers and a couple of soon-to-be-revealed surprises that didn’t make it to the event... So without further adieu, here’s a quick rundown of the slew of toys (in no particular order) that’ll be available from their store HERE starting Wednesday, April 20th at 1pm PST!!!
Gory Hole’s Warui Zonbi: Series 1 “Ghost Edition”// Featuring both SS Wolfgang and Selwyn, these MaBa Zombies-inspired finger puppets have been cast in a GID soft vinyl complete with teal rub, violet sprays and silver detailing. Limited to 10 sets, each coming packed in a deluxe display box with matching GID keshi, these have been priced at $85 per set. A limited run of blank GID sets will also be available for $60 each! One-Off “TMNOB” Secrets of the Oozeballs// One-off Oozeballs inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, these have been rubbed, sprayed and brushed by Tru:Tek in metallic Monster Kolor paint. Just Michaelangelo and Raphael remain, coming in at $100 each… Nazi Hovertank play sets// A collaboration between Gory Hole and Science Patrol, these play sets feature Warui Zonbi “SS Wolfgang” mashed-up with the Mastodon tank. Hand painted by Tru:Tek, each set comes with a hovertank mounted on a display base with magenta keshi that fit in the tank base. Limited to 4, these have been priced at $75 each! “GID” SD Fake Baron// The first exclusive release for Tru:Tek’s collaboration with Awesome Toy, the micro-sized super ‘bot keshi has been cast in a GID rubber this time around. Limited to just 10 pieces, each packed in a gacha capsule with insert and keychain attachment, these have been priced at $7 each… Hand painted Strange Creatures keshi// A soft-debut for Radioactive Uppercut’s Strange Creatures of Atlas Island keshi, this first wave of casts have been hand rubbed, sprayed and brushed by Tru:Tek in a variety of styles and finishes. With standard customs priced at just $30, the more labor intensive Garamon and Pigumon homages can be yours for $35… Look out for more details on the first official SCoAI release soon!
TMNFB one-off// Continuing the TMNT theme, Tru:Tek has customized yet another upcoming figure from Radioactive Uppercut in those classic greens and browns, the clawed kappa known as Freakboy! Sculpted by Tim Stephson based on RU’s original design, the little guy – standing at around 2.5″ tall – has been cast by Tru:Tek in a keshi-style rubber, coming with various sprays and detailing to mimic TMNT’s Raphael. Limited to just 1, TMNFB can be yours for just $35! “Darkside of the Rainbow” Arch Mage// Continuing his collaborations with Science Patrol (of which we hear there’s more coming very soon!), Tru:Tek has set about working on a micro-run of their ever-popular Arch Mage sofubi. Cast in a flesh vinyl, the little guys have been treated to a plethora of metallic pink and purple sprays over a black rub. Limited to just 3 pieces, these have been priced at just $30 each! One-off Lamputron// A custom mash-up of Kenth Toy Works/acolorfulmonster’s Zombitron and Shimomoku’s Lampu, this adorable little figure has been adorned with a variety of metallic sprays and hand brushed detailing. Limited to 1, priced at $45! “Two Face Todd” Trouballz// As well as Tru:Tek’s exclusives, the Softoy Hobby booth also had the honor of stocking a very limited supply of Bad Attic Toys‘ Trouballz sofubi. Available in 3 different vintage-themed colorways, painted versions have been priced at $85, whilst blanks will set you back just $60!
Seriously... can you saw AWESOME! They will have so much goodness up for grabs... and honestly, it's a star studded cast of goods, not a bad figure in the bunch, so this sale is going to be epic! Don't miss out!

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