*REVIEW* Kidrobot x Ron English - "Uncle Scam" retailer edition designer vinyl art toy!!!

KIDROBOT WANTS YOU!!! Actually, Ron English does... with his newest designer vinyl art toy "Uncle Scam", that patriot that takes... and cares less about what you bring home! We are stoked to be bringing you our latest review, and thanks to Kidrobot, we have a rad unboxing/review of this new figure! Standing 11" tall (top of the hat) and about 9.25" tall without, this very bulbous figure is here right in time for tax day, April 15th! This 'RETAILER' edition features a very nice red, white, and blue color scheme, and just from looking over the figure, the QC is really nice, and Kidrobot did a great job on production!
Size comparison of Frank Koziks 8" Mecha Dunny
There is no word on how limited it is, but there are 2 versions... a striking black/white/gold version that is exclusive to Kidrobot, and the one we reviewed, the patriotic red/white/blue edition! As with most of Ron's figures, there is an ongoing theme... gross, malnutrition, over weight... and obvious problem - not only in the USA, but around the world (thanks to the USA exporting their goods)! Also, the theme of fatcats ruling the country with their greasy fists of money... and in this case, a removable burger stacked high with cash... a great accessory! We really dig this figure, and seeing as it has a price tag of just $75 a pop, it's a great art toy to add to any collection. Shout out to Klim and his team over at Bigshot Toyworks for digitally sculpting this piece... excellent work! This figure is available to pre-order at pretty much every designer toy retail location right now, and will officially be released through Kidrobot starting TOMORROW - April 15th, 2016... pick one up, or the tax man will come collecting! OH... and keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's FREE GOODIE FRIDAY... we are feeling generous during tax season :-)

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