JPX x The Duang - "Cube Bot" exclusive for Thailand Toy Expo 2016!!!

As Thailand Toy Expo draws closer (May 4th 2016) we are starting to get glimpses at exclusives for this top notch convention and the folks over at JPX have recently revealed their convention exclusive... the "Cube Bot"! Teaming up with Veerachai Duangpla aka The Duang, they brought his awesome illustration (seen to the left) to life as an art toy! Standing just 6" tall, this bot has 6 joints of articulation and will be limited to 400 pieces worldwide. Oh, and they are going to retail for only 1800 baht (that's $52) - a great price! We really dig the design of this, it's fun, cute, and gritty at the same time... and the translation from 2D to 3D is spot on! If there are any leftover expect them to be online shortly after the convention ends... we will keep you up to date!

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