Wetworks’s Lil' Troublemaking Duo coming to Designer Toys!

Following up the quickly sold out first wave of his “Wabrook” figures, Singapore-based artist Carlo "Wetworks" Cacho is sculpting a duo of lil' troublemakers, namely interpretations of Han Solo and Chewbacca! Part of Cacho’s “Fanart” series, these completely original sculpts are uniquely cute interpretations of the famous Star Wars smugglers. Like his previous “Fuzzy Wars” line release, resin casting for these will probably be handled by Evan Morgan and blister card packaging will be created by Adam Altenderfer aka Cro Magnus. Anticipated to be sold as a two-pack, we can't wait to see this pair of iconic characters in their hand-painted form!

***UPDATE*** Posted up less than an hour ago... these sweet little dudes all done up with paint and all, looking fantastic! The subtle hues on the wookie from light to dark really give depth to sculpt, and that Solo figure... just perfect! More details on the release when we get them!

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