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The Dark Side Will Light Your Way! Flabslab’s “DarthTerra” Light!

The Terracotta Army clay funerary art was buried with the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, in order to protect the emperor in his afterlife. Displayed in an impressive array within the tomb, the Terracotta Army might have been an influence in the way Stormtroopers organized themselves within the Death Star in Star Wars. Though FLABSLAB firms the connection through their most recent functional art piece: “DarthTerra.”
Depicting Darth Vader attired like a Terracotta Army warrior, this 9¾-inch tall thick acrylic LED light gives off a warm yellow light and is USB powered, situated upon a 3⅓-inch diameter wood base. Elegantly packaged in a carton box designed by Zhou Jiajun (EATCIDPEECID), this magnificent piece appears to be the first in a proposed line as we've seen some Millennium Falcon based light designs floating around as well… Available now in the FLABSLAB online shop, the “DarthTerra” light costs only $45 apiece.

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