Tamara Petrosino x Brutherford’s “Jr. Scoop” is Looking for a Good Home!

Do you remember “Jr. Scoop,” the adorable ice cream based character prototyped by Brutherford and created by company packaging designer (and wife of Brutherford himself) Tamara Petrosino? Since we haven't reported on it since 2012, it would be no surprise if you didn't recall it. But as company head Ryan Rutherford was touching up some photos for his new site design, he came across this old favorite and decided to make an open call via his Instagram: does anyone want to produce it? With 3D files and physical prototypes already made, this lovely 5-inch tall figure is something we've been dying to own for years. If you think you have what it takes to help this piece become produced, then contact Brutherford via his website.

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