*REVIEW* Frank Kozik x Kidrobot - "Stealth" Mecha Dunny!!!

The latest and greatest Dunny from Kidrobot is upon us... the 3rd incarnation (of the 8" version) of Frank Kozik's "Mecha" Dunny in the all new STEALTH colorway is set to release on Friday, March 18th via kidrobot.com and most all designer vinyl retail locations around the world... and we have this exclusive unboxing/review! The figure is really rad, featuring a flashy red/yellow color pallet with enough grunge to make any early 90's band envious! Production and QC are spot on and this is a must have if you are a Dunny collector, a fan of Kozik, or all of the above!
The first time we saw this design was from Dunny Series 5 back in 2008, but it was not as detailed as it was missing the rivets and some other minor design elements, then, in 2012, Kidrobot released a 8" version (2 colorways) that was upscaled from the 3" Dunny - this time though, it had rivets and all the design elements we see on this new "Stealth" version. I guess Kidrobot figured 4 years was a long enough hiatus, and seeing as the sculpt/mold had already been created, why not utilize it! We are 100% okay with this as the design is strong, and the new colorway really does pop... oh, and just like the previous releases, this still holds the $75 price tag! Check out our video above for every angle on this figure as we hope it allows you to make the best decision when pulling the trigger on this design! once again, this is releasing HERE this Friday, March 18th for $75 a pop... snag one up!

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