Brent Nolasco's "Spring Time" Bun Bun resin art multiple released!!!

"Bun Bun is a sweet little friend that smells like marshmallows and gives you a tooth ache when you love him too much. He likes to play jokes on you and does stuff when you're not looking. You have to keep your eye on him. When it comes down to it, you'll always have a friend for life." The newest colorway of Brent Nolasco's little resin art multiple, Bun Bun, is upon us in the stunning looking "Spring Time" edition! Bub Bun is a 6" two-part, roto cast, resin figure with glass eyes and 100% hand painted by Brent and cast in the USA. Each figure is packed in a bag with header card by artist. Want one? Head on over HERE right now to pick up this vivd little dude!

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